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western red cedar blinds
From $45
  The Cedar blind has definitely left its mark in Australian homes. The look, the smell, the feel, the rich and variable colour tones. Everything about this blind is stunning. Block out Blinds Ready Made

- 45mm Cedar
- Exceptional Quality
- Value $$$
- Superior Design
- Plantation Cedar
- 2 Colours
25mm ready made venetian blinds
From $17
YES they are cheap prices but nonetheless another one of Cheapa-blinds quality products. Ideal for all applications, where an inexpensive blind is all that is required, and we all have them: bathrooms, toilets, laundries. Please do not exclude this blind for all types of windows in the home or office.  It is an economical alternative to the custom made venetian blind.
Our commercial customers have been using this blind in their building projects such as offices, complexes and rental properties,  for over 15 years. This blind is pre-packaged in standard widths and drops. Sizes are exactly as shown.

- 25mm Venetian
- Ready Made
- Bargains  
- Quality Design
- Aluminium
- 4 Colours
ecowood blinds
From $24
Fashionable, yet economical alternative to timber. The ready made Ecowood blind brings the look of timber venetians within everyone's reach.
Looking for cheap blinds for the whole house? The Ecowood blind is made from a Hi-tech synthetic base material. This venetian blind offers the same versatility as timber blinds, with the added advantage of being ideal for areas of high humidity or moisture, such as saunas, bathrooms and laundries. In addition, areas of high salt content are the ideal location for Ecowood blinds.

- 50mm Ecowood
- Timber Look
- Popular 
- Cheap Blinds
- Grade 1 Foamwood
- 3 Colours
bamboo blinds
From $39
The bamboo venetian blind is a ready made product which basically means it is pre-made and pre-packaged in standard sizes.
Bamboo is one of the most useful and versatile plants in the world. A member of the grass family, it is best known for its use as a construction material. Bamboo forms a very hard wood, especially when seasoned, and is light and exceptionally tough.

- 50mm Bamboo
- Natural Colours
- Discount Blinds
- Quality Design
- Bamboo Quality
- 2 Colours
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cordless cellular shades
From $72
The Cellular shade is a ready made product which basically means it is pre-made and pre-packaged in standard sizes. Elegance is an excellent way to describe the Cordless Cellular Shades. The light filtering fabric gently diffuses bright sunlight and creates a stunning effect in any interior. Cordless Cellular Shades are becoming a very popular window covering due to their crisp, clean style and versatility.
An absolute breeze to operate, this soft, yet durable shade, is extremely energy efficient offering a high level of insulation.  When raised, Cordless Cellular Shades are compact, giving you a clear view.

- 25mm Pleated Blind
- Pre-Made Cellular
- Ready Blinds  
- Cordless
- Easy lift
- Honeycomb Design
- 2 Colours
timber blinds
From $44
This is definitely the best timber blind in the market for looks and durability.Manufactured from quality plantation basswood. Available in a popular 50mm slat with a variety of warm timber stains and painted finishes. Cherry - Teak - Baltic - White - Alabaster, Chocolate, Mocha.
The versatility of this wooden blind has great appeal and is one of our best selling products throughout Australia. The timber finish allows you to co-ordinate it with your existing timber furniture or window frames, while the painted alabaster and white finishes will suit any contemporary or classic interior. Blinds Online

- 50mm Timber
- Popular Venetians
- Cheapest Prices
- Quality Design
- Hardwood
- 5 Colours>
bistro blinds
From $127
Bistro blinds, Outdoor Blinds are a ready made product which basically means it is pre-made and pre-packaged in standard sizes. Cafe Blinds are Ideal protection from rain and wind when entertaining outdoors.  Made from heavy duty pvc film, the bistro blind is suited for enclosing patios, pergolas, balconies or any outdoor area which is subject to the elements. Simple to use rope and pulley mechanism and an effective seal against harsh weather conditions. Shade from Extreme conditions WA. coming soon... outdoor shade blinds Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney warehouses

- Bistro Blinds   Outdoor
- Ready Made
- Budget Prices
- Weather Protector
- Heavy Duty PVC   Film
- 1 Colour

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roman blinds
From $140
Combine the soft elegance of exquisite fabric and tailored panels to create rooms of extraordinary style and beauty. Experience the elegance and richness that Roman Blinds create, adding warmth and sophistication to your home. The fully-lined, soft fabrics in our range give a luxurious feel to your windows. (Value Blinds) The perfect Insulating Blind

- Roman Blinds
- Custom Made
- Realistic Price
- Tailored Design
- Poly/Cotton
- 11 Colours
- Custom Blinds
25mm made to measure venetian blinds
From $46
Aluminium venetian blind is a time traveller in its own right.  Tried and tested it became a favourite eons ago and continues to be dependable and consistent. The Slimline Venetian Blind offers a timeless look that never goes out of style and complements both traditional and contemporary looks. They are a simple, effective and affordable window covering. This blind offers a great deal of light control options as well as 100% privacy.  The Slimline Venetian Blind has been, is now and always will be one of the most popular blinds in the marketplace.  Due to its versatility they are ideal for both residential and commercial properties.
Venetian Blind Costs

- 25mm Venetian
- Custom Made
- Cheapest Prices
- Quality Design
- Aluminium Slimline
- 31 Colours
roller screens
From $121
Enjoy the versaility of personalising the blinds with your choice of colours, styles and finishes.A breakthrough in efficiency, functionality and style.
Gently filtering out heat, glare and harmful ultra-violet rays while still allowing natural light to enter the room. They allow the owner a perfect view of the outside world while still maintaining a degree of privacy. (Depending on the type of inside light you have during the night time hours, privacy can be void.) Buy Roller Sunscreens On Line Costs

- Roller Screens
- Custom Made
- Bargain Prices
- Superior Design
- Woven Poly/PVC
- 4 Colours
roller blinds
From $67
Looking for the cheapest Blockout Blinds?
Beautiful Roller Blinds made to measure. Enjoy the versaility of personalising the blinds with your choice of colours, styles and finishes. Timeless and classic window shade.  They are a simple, effective and very affordable window covering.
Buy Budget Roller Blinds Online from Cheapa-Blinds
Day night roller blinds online quote

- Roller Blinds
- Custom Made
- Affordable
- Quality Design
- Polyester Blockout
- 28 Colours
100% Blockout Blinds

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